MundosMusic offers the possibility of bringing any of all these amazing artists from all around the globe to perform a concert at your own home.

MundosMusic@Home is a showcase of the many talents of our artists, uploaded regulartly to our YouTube channel and other social media. The same close up experience you can see (and feel!) in those intimate videos could be staged at your own place, at a cost that you would find to be extremely accessible.

MundosMusic provides full technical support for its @Home events. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the best quality World Music surrounded by your guests in the comfort of your own home.

Leave us your e-mail address here if you wish to receive further information and set a date for your first MundosMusic@Home Event.Be it through the conception and recording of albums for its own artists, the shows it produces, the workshops it stages at academic institutions, its MM@Home video program series, and the wide array of services it offers for World Music artists, MundosMusic is occupying a place of increasing relevance in today’s cultural landscape.